UNESCO Office in Tashkent and LEGATE Law Firm, continuing the tradition of cooperation in publishing the annual desktop calendar, joined forces to create a calendar for 2020, the theme of which was the national folk (or traditional) games in Uzbekistan.
Traditional types of games, reflecting the characteristics of a national character, fortitude, folk wit, have an important educational and cognitive value and, along with rituals, traditions, folk songs and dances, characterize certain stages of the history of the people.
The UNESCO Office in Tashkent, as a field office of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the only UN agency responsible for the protection of cultural heritage, promotes the development of all issues related to the concept of intangible cultural heritage in Uzbekistan, a country known throughout the world for the richness of it history. Its turn, LEGATE Law Firm, as previously, is willingly contributing to the safeguarding of the uniqueness of the Uzbek people, expresses through traditional games, which were distributed in the territory of modern Uzbekistan.
We hope that our calendar will attract attention and arouse interest in the history of the Uzbek people. Many Uzbeks will make remember the games that they were told about or played in childhood, dipping them into pleasant memories of the past, through which you can get an idea of the customs, culture, values and identity of the Uzbek people.