– verification of compliance of constituent documents with the legislation and shaping the Statutory capital of the company, and verification of licenses;

– verification of the company management scheme;

– assessment of legality of the appointment and scope of authority of the governing bodies;

– verification of the legal “purity” of the rights to the property of the acquired company;

– verification of registration of property rights to real estate and identification of existing encumbrances;

– due diligence of ownership stakes in other companies;

– assessment of the risks of challenging property rights;

– verification of various risks challenging the concluded transactions (major transactions and related party transactions [with interest], etc.);

– verification of intellectual property objects (patents, trademarks, etc.) which belong to the company and the risks of challenging them or deregistration;

– analysis of the risks arising in the event of applying anti-monopoly laws to the acquired company and the transaction itself for its acquisition. Evaluation of the prospects of approval of the transaction by the anti-monopoly authorities.

– general assessment of the effectiveness of the contractual work system and contracts with major partners for their legal “purity” and identification of legal risks;

– analysis of the status and prospects of the major current and possible future litigations.