Legal support for the Company's participation in public tenders, drafting of tender documents

Development of draft public-private partnership agreements, legal support for the procedure of signing the Agreement (participation in negotiations; amendments and additions);

Development of draft investment agreements with the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, legal support for the procedure of signing agreements (participation in negotiations, introduction of amendments and additions);

Legal support for the implementation of PPP projects and investment treaties, drafting of necessary documents, participation in negotiations.


Drafting of EPC and related contracts (EPC(M). 

Preparation and participation in the negotiation of applications, regulations and procedures to the EPC contract;

Risk analysis before entering into an EPC contract

Monitoring the obligations fulfillment of the EPC contract parties;

Analysis of concluded EPC contracts, preparation of proposals for amendments and additions;. 

Participation in the signing of the Agreement on the settlement of disputes under EPC contracts (Settlement Agreement).


Comprehensive legal support of the Companies providing financial services and services using innovative technologies.

Advising on entering the FinTech market of Uzbekistan - startups, payment organizations, crowdfunding projects, including those using foreign labor;

Legal support on the payment systems and payment organizations creation.

Legal support of the licensing procedure for FinTech companies;

Representation of FinTech- Companies' interests in public authorities;

Legal support for obtaining residency in IT Parks.


Legal services for privatization of state-owned assets, including:

- legal due diligence of the state asset being privatized;

- preparation and processing of appropriate legal documents for submission to the tender (tenders).

- representation of the buyer’s interests in state bodies, including the State Asset Management Agency, JSC «UzAssets»;

- development of an agreement on the sale and purchase of a state asset;

- Legal support for the sale of state shares on the Stock Exchange

Incorporation, restructuring and liquidation in Uzbekistan

- preparation of required constituent documents for setting up an enterprise and support of proceeds for state registration of the company;

- preparation of changes and amendments  into a legal entity’s constituent documents, including checking their compliance with the current legislation;

- preparation of documents and support of procedure for foreign legal entities’ accreditation, extension of accreditation, accreditation of representation office employees; 

- preparation of documents and support of the proceed for voluntary liquidation of the company.

Corporate and commercial in Uzbekistan

- verification of the customer’s legal documentation on the subject of their compliance with the requirements of legislation; 

- participation in the elaboration of various types of agreements, rendering assistance in carrying out monitoring of performance of agreements and application of sanctions provided for in the legislation and the agreements with regard to the Customer’s  contractors;

- representing the Customer’s interests in the government bodies;

- consultations, conclusions, references, inquiries and information on legal issues;

- labor law issues.

Litigation and dispute settlement in Uzbekistan

- representation of interests in economic, administrative, and arbitration courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, starting with the procedure of strategy development in the court before the end of the enforcement proceedings on judicial act;

- legal assistance in pre-trial and extra-judicial resolution of disputes (participation in negotiations with the Customer’s opponent, drafting of claims and proposals for the settlement of the dispute. Mediation).


-consultations on the conclusion and performance of contracts for the acquisition of businesses and/or friendly mergers (acquisitions);

- licensing issues in mergers and acquisitions;

- labor issues - development of the transaction structure, including a detailed description of each stage of its implementation, preparation of necessary documents;

- analysis of the legal grounds for the acquisition of real property rights of the Company, whose shares (stocks) make up the subject of the contract;

- assessment of possible risks associated with the acquisition of shares (stocks) within the Company.


- verification of compliance of constituent documents with the legislation and shaping the Statutory capital of the company, and verification of licenses;

- verification of the company management scheme;

- assessment of legality of the appointment and scope of authority of the governing bodies;

- verification of the legal "purity" of the rights to the property of the acquired company;

- verification of registration of property rights to real estate and identification of existing encumbrances;

- due diligence of ownership stakes in other companies;

- assessment of the risks of challenging property rights;

- verification of various risks challenging the concluded transactions (major transactions and related party transactions [with interest], etc.);

- verification of intellectual property objects (patents, trademarks, etc.) which belong to the company and the risks of challenging them or deregistration;

- analysis of the risks arising in the event of applying anti-monopoly laws to the acquired company and the transaction itself for its acquisition. Evaluation of the prospects of approval of the transaction by the anti-monopoly authorities.

- general assessment of the effectiveness of the contractual work system and contracts with major partners for their legal “purity” and identification of legal risks;

- analysis of the status and prospects of the major current and possible future litigations.